Welcome to RemindBrain

We help you become more happy, healthy, and successful by reminding you of the things you need to do. We then offer recommendations on how to improve upon those areas of your life just like a life coach or personal trainer would.

  • Health tracking of all types like push-up tracking to remembering to see your doctor.
  • Productivity and chore reminders such as getting a haircut or watering the plants.
  • Help protect your assets such as your car and home to save money - such as remembering to change you oil, rotate tires, replace filters.
  • Store and remember life events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with us. All while respecting your privacy.

Plus, get personalized real-time notifications on how to improve. From remembering healthy habits to a completely personalized list of productivity improvements, we're here to help.

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Self-Care Reminders

To start we provide the following self-care reminders as well as analysis for how to improve in the following areas:
Blood Pressure

Brushing Teeth

2,0000 Calories

Checking Cholesterol

Cutting Fingernails

Drinking Water







Productivity Reminders

Changing the Furnace Filter

Checking the Mail

Checking the Car's Oil

Cleaning the Kitchen

Cleaning the Shower/Tub

Cleaning the Toilet

Cleaning the Windows

Doing the Dishes

Doing the Laundry

Making the Bed

Mowing the Lawn

Paying the Bills

Rotating the Tires

Taking out the Trash


Washing the Cars

Washing the Sheets

Watering the Plants

Waxing the Cars